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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

About Us (Mission, Location, History )
We ask all alike to think — not all to think alike.

Past Program Hilites

Ragamala Dancer

Ragamala Dance Troup
July 15 , 2012

Bharatanatyam Historical Dances of India

We were honored by the performance of students from Ragamala Dance Studio

Line Dancers

Dances of George Washington

February 26, 2012

Upcoming Programs

August 12 , 2012

Gibbs Farm Museum with Terry Swanson
This is a program for both adults and children – learning about Gibbs Farm Museum in Ramsey County that tells the story of early settlement in our area.

09/09/2012 Water Communion
09/yy/2012 Program Title & description
09/zz/2012 Program Title & description


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