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Other UU Organizations

Other UU Congregations in the Twin Cities
This search from the UUA’s website lists the other UU congregations in our area.
MidAmerica Region
MidAmerica Region is the regional organization of the denomination that includes the Twin Cities — along with several Upper Midwest states. The District Youth and Young Adults area is a good place to start for finding UU programming aimed at young people around District. Cons and other gatherings are announced and described here.
The Unitarian Universalist Association
UUA, based in Boston, is the national association for UU congregations. Their website hosts many UU resources.
UUA Publications
The Publication Index Page at the UUA website is a convenient portal to several sources of publications, including Skinner House Books, Beacon Press, and the UUA Bookstore.
Church of the Larger Fellowship
The Church of the Larger Fellowship is an "online congregation" of many UUs, some belonging to other congregations, others with no near-by congregation available.

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