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Welcoming Congregation

We are a LGBTQIA+ Welcoming Congregation!

Pilgrim House actively works to make all people welcome, including those who identify with any kind of sexual orientation or gender identity. Over the course of the year, we recognize special days that remind us of significant liberating events (such as Stonewall or Pride Month), or that remind us of issues that continue to require our awareness and efforts to create justice (such as National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day). Many Sunday morning programs feature speakers on topics that highlight issues in current social conditions, or programs in the community that are seeking to improve people’s lives and/or improve policies. We also seek opportunities to educate ourselves through reading or viewing pertinent media and discussing it as a group. Pilgrim House supports local LGBTQIA+ organizations. Our facilities reflect our commitment and include a non-gender-specific private bathroom.

Visit the UUA Welcoming Congregation Page for more information on Welcoming Congregations.

On June 1st, 2008, the congregation of Pilgrim House Unitarian Universalist Fellowship voted unanimously to identify as a Welcoming Congregation. The text of the congregational resolution reads:

Whereas our activities of the past three years have begun to develop our awareness and our capacity to follow through with the aspiration to become a welcoming congregation;

And, whereas Pilgrim House aspires to be a fellowship that welcomes and supports members, friends, and visitors who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender;

And, whereas we intend to fulfill to the best of our ability the commitments outlined in the Welcoming Congregations program detailed by the Unitarian Universalist Association;

Therefore, we declare ourselves to be a Welcoming Congregation.

We have been designated as a Welcoming Congregation by the national Unitarian Universalist Association, and that designation was renewed in the summer of 2017.

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