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Landscape Zones

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Laurie McRostie, our landscape architect, has provided her recommendations to PH in a draft plan dated 08-Feb-2008. A copy is posted at Pilgrim House. She has divided her recommendations into 12 zones, as follows:

Zone 1
This consists of the space fronting on Highway 96. It includes the space between the retaining wall and the highway — which is maintained and mowed by the city — and the drainage area /catch basin at the base of the parking lot. Her recommendations:
  1. Plant with "No-Mow" grass. Minimal mowing required — grass stays at 6 inches and requires mowing once or twice a year. See http://www.prairienursery.com
  2. Clean up drainage area. Make sure rocks are placed correctly. Plant Reed Grass, Joe Pye Weed and Siberian Iris.
Zone 2
This consists of the strip of land to the east of the parking lot. Much of this is currently overgrown with buckthorn. Poison ivy also grows here. Her recommendations:
  1. Plant Techny Arborvitae to join neighbors screen.
  2. Plant Black Hills spruce in site-selected strategic locations to screen views. Plant Lo-Gro Sumac shrubs as understory in this area.
  3. Remove invasive Buckthorn. Keep as much Gray Dogwood as possible. Plant Pagoda Dogwood, and Gray Dogwood for shrubs. Plant Daylilies or Hosta or Ferns at ground plane. Determine if any good woodland plants are growing and save them. Mulch area with 4–6 inches or more of shredded hardwood mulch. Every two years top dress old mulch with 2 inches of new mulch. This will control weeds. Eventually plants will fill in the area and mulch will not be required.
Zone 3
This is the south-east corner of our property. Currently this is a jungle of buckthorn with a core of grass clippings and dead branches which are hidden by the buckthorn. Her recommendations:
  1. Clear out small gathering space. Plant large trees to form special gathering area. Can be used by individuals or for special events. Mulch the area or plant "No-Mow" grass in gathering area and install a bench.
  2. Plant ostrich ferns and daylilies for ground cover. These are low plants and will allow views into the corner. Plant a large evergreen for screening neighbors.
Zone 4
This is the south side of our property between the parking lot and the back lot line. It includes the kids play area. Her recommendations:
  1. Retain large open lawn area and play area for kids, picnics or special events.
  2. Plant back lot line with shrubs that spread and daylilies or ostrich ferns for an edge.
Zone 5
This is the south-west corner of our lot, beside the play area and the end of the parking lot. Her recommendations:
  1. Plant Black Hills spruce in site-selected strategic locations to screen views.
  2. Plant Redtwig Dogwood and grasses in swale — this will facilitate drainage in this area.
  3. Remove Buckthorn to allow existing Gray Dogwood to grow. Keep Black Locust trees.
Zone 6
The Compost Bins. Her recommendations:
  1. Locate compost bins together just above the bend in the retaining wall for the basement entrance.
  2. Allow existing shrubs to grow, or plant new Spirea shrubs behind the compost bins.
  3. Install stone steppers as walkway from the parking lot to the compost bins, so they can be kept clear in winter.
Zone 7
The space around the Peace Pole. Her recommendations:
  1. Lower planting bed and planting bed edger — this edger is too high, dirt flows over edge.
  2. Over time remove all grass and plant the area with Hosta — Mulch the area and make sure the edge is lower than the sidewalk.
  3. Make sure that gutters are cleaned in the fall and the spring.
  4. Plant annuals around the Peace Pole
Zone 8
The north-west corner of the yard (next to the street light post). Her recommendations:
  1. Plant Serviceberry (small tree) in the corner. This plant will be a marker for corner and will direct views to the building.
  2. Plant Lo-grow Sumac bush to spread in woods under trees.
Zone 9
Front of the building, around stairway. Her recommendations:
  1. Install stone patio or paver patio at front entry. Correct drainage in ingress window area at time of construction. This space can be used for special events, classes or meetings when the weather is nice.
  2. Install Labyrinth in front yard. Construct Labyrinth so that mowing is not a problem.
  3. Keep front lawn open for play and as open view of building.
  4. Keep Spruce Trees — landmark for Pilgrim House.
Zone 10
The lighted sign. Her recommendations:
  1. Plant Hawthorne at end of sign. This is a small, round tree that will frame the edge of the sign and anchor the sign to the site. Plantings are already seasonal in sign bed — keep them.
Zone 11
Foundation plantings on the north-east, east, and south side of the building and wooden wheel chair ramp. Her recommendations:
  1. Minimal foundation plantings should be planted.
  2. Plant Techny Arborvitae (columnar evergreen) at three corners as shown. Plant a Globe Techny Arborvitae and a columnar Techny at the North-east corner. These plants will anchor the building to the ground and contrast with the white siding framing the building.
  3. Keep some of the existing Lilacs and add Sea Green Juniper along the side.
  4. Plant Scandia Juniper in front of the wooden accessibility ramp on the south side.
  5. Plant Magic Carpet Spirea at the corner of the new patio or at the foundation if you do not build the patio.
  6. Professionally prune large site trees for health and safety.
Zone 12
Future building and parking lot expansions. Her recommendations:
  1. The north section of the parking lot could be expanded in the future to allow parking along both sides of the parking lot there. (A retainer wall will be required between the corner of the building and the highway. The east side of the building could be expanded by 20 feet. We would lose the large tree, but could maintain sufficient space for some plantings between the building and the parking lot.

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