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Prepared January 27, 2003

The Pilgrim House Treasurer manages the financial affairs of Pilgrim House, with guidance from the Pilgrim House Membership who approve a budget at the annual meeting and the Pilgrim House Board of Directors who fine-tune that budget at each board meeting.


The Pilgrim House Treasurer’s responsibility includes:

  • Collect money from collection boxes and other sources and deposit into checking
  • Pay bills and salaries (currently only Lori Parkos)
  • Maintain financial records (currently via QuickBooks)
  • Maintain Pilgrim House Accounts (currently Western Bank and Dean Witter)
  • Pay taxes and complete tax forms including forms 491, 1099 (if needed), and W2
  • Report on the financial status of Pilgrim House at each board meeting and at the annual meeting
  • Prepare a draft budget prior to each new fiscal year (June 1 – May 31) for Board consideration and revision, and for submission to, with amendments and approval by the Pilgrim House Membership at the annual meeting
  • Track donations and pledges to Pilgrim House
  • Provide tax statements to Pilgrim House supporters of record to support their annual income tax forms
  • Maintain instructions for the Treasurer’s job

Activities and Processes

The Treasurer’s activities and processes are documented in the Pilgrim House Guide to QuickBooks.

Financial records are maintained on the Treasurer’s home computer. Currently, the Treasurer is responsible for maintaining appropriate backups of this data.

In the event the Treasurer becomes unexpectedly indisposed, a previous treasurer (Wayne LeBlanc, Allan Carstens) will be expected to temporarily fill the position.

Normal succession in this position is provided by an apprentice system. The current Treasurer recruits a replacement, who works with the current Treasurer to become proficient in the performance of these job functions. Under normal circumstances, multi-year continuity is expected at the position of Treasurer.

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