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WE Transfer

WE Transfer is a website that allows you to upload files that may be too large to email.
When you do this, WE Transfer stores the files for 7 days and emails a notification to
your recipients, which allows them to download the files and store them on their own computers.

How to transfer files via WE Transfer:

  1. Go to https://www.wetransfer.com .
    If this is your first visit, or if the WE Transfer cookie is no longer in your browser,
    you may need to click "Skip" to bypass their advertising,
    and you will need to agree to their terms of service (which are quite reasonable).
  2. In the small transfer menu, enter:
    • Your email address.
    • The destination email address (you can have one or more).
  3. Click the "Add file" button in the menu and specify the file name (you can have one or more).
  4. Optionally click in the message area and add a short message.
  5. Click the "Transfer" button and your file(s) will be uploaded to the wetransfer.com website.
    Files are available there for 7 days, after which they are deleted from the website.

How to retrieve files from WE Transfer:

  1. WE Transfer will send an email message to your recipients.
    This will contain your optional message above,
    and a link that can be clicked to download the file(s).
  2. Click that link to get the file(s).
  3. The files will be saved according to the options in your browser.
    Typically you will be asked whether and where to save the file.
  4. Typically the file(s) will be stored in a zip file.
    In Windows 7 and higher, this appears as a folder in the download location,
    and you can click the folder and view the file(s) as ordinary uncompressed files automatically.
    If you want uncompressed copies, just copy the file you want to uncompress and paste it in a different location.

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