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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

PH Poem 2015

During the program on September 27, Alzheimer’s Poetry Project with ZoŽ Bird, PH attendees composed the following poem:

The Way We Make the World

We make the world
by holding someone’s hand,
sending songs out on the wind,
a smile of love and caring.
It’s the smell of my newborn’s head,
your smile,
rounding the corner.

Take the kids fishing!
And the full moon rises.
Marvel at the stars
and be cuddled like puppies.
Share hot soup and homemade bread,
a sunrise with new beginnings,
the sound of city streets.
Summer wrestles with autumn
like a naughty child.
Listen to the rustling leaves.
We make the world
by spending time with friends,
sharing songs at Pilgrim House.

It’s my grandma’s teacups,
white, with a gold rim and pink roses.
Salty ocean air in the morning
and the gift of peace.

We need crunching leaves underfoot,
the deafening sound of silence,
to watch the flight of a butterfly.
Fly above the sunset
on a swingset!
And lovers twist in the moonlight.

‘Tis a gift to be simple,
‘tis a gift to be free.
The world is children laughing,
an open heart with smiling eyes.

Doing the work,
doing the dishes,
sweeping the leaves
off the back porch.

By the Pilgrim House Poets, September 27, 2015

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