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Pilgrim House

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Building Use Policy

Effective October 8, 2008

Pilgrim House (PH) is available for weddings, meetings, and other events.

  1. All uses of the building must be coordinated with the PH Board Chair, or their designee, and recorded on the PH Building Use Calendar.
  2. Fee for use of any part of the main floor of the building (including the kitchen [not a commercial kitchen - food must be catered], social hall, meeting hall, and three restrooms) is $250 per day (or fraction thereof) per event. A damage deposit may be required. The presence of a PH representative may be required. The building user may be charged for this presence. The user must indicate the conditions under which any liquor will be served. PH may require the user to provide and pay for appropriate security if liquor is served. A down payment of 25% of the fee is required to hold the reservation; it will be refunded in full if the reservation is canceled 60+ days before the event
  3. $500 for weddings - includes ceremony, rehearsal, and set up.
  4. Chairs and tables may be moved, but they must be returned to their original position after the event.
  5. PH members may normally use the facility for no charge. This use must be coordinated with the Board Chair or their designee, who may require board authorization. The board may decide to charge a fee for commercial use by PH members.
  6. Community organizations may arrange for occasional use of the building. The fee will be negotiated at the time the arrangements are made. The PH member making the arrangements must be present during the entire event.
  7. The fellowship promises that any space rented will be clean and in working order.
  8. People/organizations that use PH must leave things as they are found, and clean and remove from the premises all debris, pop cans, decorations, litter, etc.
  9. Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere in the building or on the grounds.
  10. If snow removal is necessary, the user will be charged for that cost.
  11. The user is liable for any and all damages.

Submit two copies of Pilgrim House Building Use Request; one will be returned.

Date submitted: _______________

(Please type or print)

  Space Requested (Yes/No/#)
  Kitchen & Social Hall:  
  Meeting Hall:  
Will liquor be served?
(describe if yes):

Pilgrim House (PH) Building Use Authorization

(Check all that apply)

__ The PH Board has approved this building use

__ Call the PH Contact ________________________ at _________________ for building access

__ This building use is authorized without Board approval

__ The fee for this use will be $_____________

__ A damage deposit of $_____________ will be required

__ The presence of a PH Representative will be required

__ The user will be charged $_____________ for this PH Representative

__ The designated PH Representative is _______________________ at _________________

__ Liquor will be served

__ The user must contract for security

__ This use has been entered on the PH Building Use Calendar

__ This building use is rejected

Authorized/Rejected by: Signature: __________________________

Name: ___________________

Title: ___________________

Date: ___________________

Pilgrim House Building Use Agreement

I agree to the above PH Building Use Authorization per my request (above) and the PH Building Use Requirements on the reverse side of this page.

Agreed by: Signature: __________________________

Name: ___________________

Title: ___________________

Date: ___________________

A check for $ ______________ to cover the fee, damage deposit and presence of a PH representative (as required) is attached.

A copy of my security contract with ________________________________ (if required), is attached.


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