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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Newsletter Editor

Prepared January 19, 2004


The Pilgrim House Newsletter Editor assembles the monthly newsletter, with input from the Pilgrim House Board of Directors and committee chairs, who provide guidance and content information.


The Newsletter Editor responsibilities include:

  • Obtain Adult Program information from the Program Committee
  • Obtain “calendar information” from Board and Committee Chairs
  • Request articles from Board Members and committee chairs
  • Prepare the newsletter for publication
  • Copy and distribute the newsletter
  • File a copy of the newsletter at Pilgrim House
  • Maintain the Pilgrim House Directory; update it several times per year

Activities and Processes

The newsletter is produced on the editor’s home computer. A file of past issues is maintained at Pilgrim House. The Pilgrim House Directory is produced and maintained on the editor’s home computer.

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