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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

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Board Members

Members of the Pilgrim House Board for 2019–2020:

PositionName Email
ChairJohn and Shannon Zobitzchair@pilgrimhouseuua.org
Past-ChairMichelle Gardnerpastchair@pilgrimhouseuua.org
Chair-ElectAdam Aanerudchairelect@pilgrimhouseuua.org
TreasurerSusan Settertreasurer@pilgrimhouseuua.org
SecretaryMary Carlson 
Program ChairLollie Jensen 
RE ChairCarol Greenreligiouseducation@pilgrimhouseuua.org
Building ChairAl Potterbuilding@pilgrimhouseuua.org
Membership ChairMel and Kathy (off-board) Aanerudmembership@pilgrimhouseuua.org
Finance ChairLes Rogers 
Social Action ChairFred Greensocialaction@pilgrimhouseuua.org
At-largeDick Shelton, Steve Camp 

Only the on-board member has a vote but the off-board member may attend meetings and present updates to the Board from the committee.


The following have been licensed by the Pilgrim House Membership as Counselors:

  • Joyce Jones

Email: counselor@pilgrimhouseuua.org

Newsletter Editor

Fred Green (newslettereditor@pilgrimhouseuua.org)


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